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SPECTRUM D2.4 - Concepts

Please be advised that SPECTRUM D2.4 (Concepts) is now available as a public deliverable from the document download section of the project website.

This report proposes an innovative solution for the transport of low density, high value goods by rail in an EU context.

This report draws extensively from all previous project deliverables and adopts a traditional design process methodology. Having previously identified the concept requirements the report formulates a design brief from which concept generation, evaluation and selection processes are derived.

A total of seven SPECTRUM concepts were derived and are described as:

• Concept A – Multi Purpose Intermodal

• Concept B - Liner train - containers - Metro Cargo

• Concept C - Multi Purpose - no semi trailer (innovatrain)

• Concept D - Semi Trailer (Kockums MegaSwing)

• Concept E - Palletised

• Concept F - Self Propelled (1)

• Concept G - Self Propelled (2)

The concept evaluation consisted of two main elements; a quantitative life cycle costing methodology and qualitative SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.

Despite the two forms of analysis producing varying results, a summary of both analyses suggests that concept C - multi purpose, no semi trailer, containermover3000 transhipment technology - be taken forward for further development.



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