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Logistics & Market Analysis - Interim Report


LDHV GoodsThe foundations of the SPECTRUM project have been set with the completion of the logistics and market research interim report.

The objective of WP1 - logistics and market research - is to define the market opportunities for the transportation of time-sensitive and/or low-density, high-value (TS LDHV) goods to be served by new, innovative rail concepts. There has been a focus, both on extension of the rail services that are already in place in the early 21st Century and on more visionary/“blue sky” rail logistics services. This work package must set the framework for the detailing of the concept in other work packages. To enable this, the technological and operational requirements for the new concept(s) have been defined.

The logistics and market research is the crucial first step that determines which part of the future freight and logistics market can be served by innovative rail freight offerings. The work is structured into four tasks:
- Top-down: Global trend analysis and transport demand analysis;

- Bottom-up: Market intelligence interviews and case studies;

- Synthesis of market opportunities into logistics concepts and business-economic models;

- Technological and operational requirements drawn from potential SPECTRUM freight rail concepts.

An assessment has been made of the market potential in EU-27 and Switzerland. The analyses show that about 12% of total freight transported by road in 2009 falls within the category ‘time-sensitive and/or low-density, high-value goods transported over distances of over 200km’. This distance target, used in the analyses, is more ambitious than the 300km stated in recent policy documents. The consortium believes SPECTRUM rail freight concepts should be able to compete on shorter distances than traditional rail freight services offerings.



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