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The market analysis presented in the previous chapter identiied that customer supply chains require that rail freight operations run throughout the day. In the EU, daytime timetable slots are typically reserved for passenger services, where commuter, business and leisure travel is given priority.
In conjunction with three infrastructure managers: Network Rail (UK), Traikverket (Sweden) and TCDD (Turkey), SPECTRUM explored the option to integrate freight and passenger services. Based on the market analysis demand study, four service areas were selected for investigation.
Service area 1 was Switzerland, to show the possible use of the SPECTRUM concept over a comparatively short distance.
Service area 2 was Scandinavia. Sweden in particular is very active in the transport of LDHV goods.
Service area 3 covered international transport inWestern Europe: A France-Italy service area was chosen.
Service area 4 covered international transport over a long distance through several countries in Eastern Europe. A route between Turkey and Germany was chosen.
To analyse the behaviour of a SPECTRUM train that has
been incorporated into the current timetable, four routes within the different service areas were modelled,employing event based simulation.The research demonstrated that it is possible to incorporate a number of SPECTRUM trains within the current freight and passenger timetables for each of the routes. The videos detail and discuss this further.

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